Our vision is to converge the power and capabilities of Intelligence, innovation and information to create unique gadgets, products and services to deliver security and safety through complex solutions that are in high demand by emerging changes in our societies.


With the advent of transformation and modernization trends growing exponentially across the globe, technology is being easily mis-used for cyber and digital crimes. As an American company, Trinitiii strives to make America safer with our efforts to continuously create and develop innovative ways to prevent and help minimize the negative impacts of such criminal activity.



We intent to achieve greater expertise in developing devices, products, applications or services encompassing safety and security of an individual or groups across United States and become a part of “making America safer again” campaign.


Develop highly secured and efficient gadgets to help common man and law enforcement agencies to effectively use our gadgets to have a greater support for anti-crime and human-trafficking elements.


Innovate Smart gadgets and Applications that are used with various tele communication sectors to improve the security and help stop digital crimes.

Cutting edge technology

Provide Cutting Edge technology offerings through latest state-of-the-art Embedded Engineering for wide range of Industry sectors encompassing Information Technology, Logistics, Pharmaceutical, Defence, Steel Manufacturing, Automobile, Telecommunications, Satellite Communications, Environment safety Engineering and much more.


Provide Technology Training services and Support for Data Center and Infrastructure Migrations for various IT companies.


We strive to develop highly efficient and reliable work flow and automation applications for broad range of Clients in need of documentation work-flows, product workflows and cloud based work-flow tools.


Develop canteen management applications for several companies and improvise the overall logistics issues the companies face in real-time.

Serve the community

Become an active member in Salvation Army Family, Diversity and Community Services to help empower children, individuals and families to cope up from crisis and provide assistance in terms of stability, security, safety and lead healthy lives.